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Sonal Varma, India Chief Economist outlines her positive outlook on India's approach to growth.

"India has taken a ‘many small steps’ approach to reforms where changes are micro rather than macro in scale. This approach is more pragmatic for a democracy of India’s size. The government has initiated changes on multiple fronts – better governance, improved ease of doing business, boosted public investment in infrastructure, less corruption, and greater financial inclusion. All these changes are building foundations for a more sustainable growth uptick as they will lift India’s potential growth over the medium-term." 

India's new leaders are long-sighted, focusing on reforms and judicious policies. As a result, more gradual but a more sustainable multi-year expansion can be seen below.


And the reforms are gradually progressing and adding up.  



Read the Business Insider’s recent article here and the full report  on the overall Asia narrative on the on the Global Research Portal.

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