Global Outlook Videos 2019

Our EMEA outlook videos look at what will be the biggest factors affecting the UK, Europe, emerging markets and asset allocation throughout 2019.

The UK in 2019: Why are global investors optimistic about the UK?

  • In a global economy starved of yield, the UK remains attractive
  • After Brexit, we could see a resumption in investment within and towards the UK
  • Asian and Japanese investors still view the UK as a lucrative investment option

Europe in 2019: What will drive a recovery this year?

  • European growth has slowed. Political and economic uncertainty are major factors.
  • Demand for euro area assets from Japanese investors remains strong.
  • We think European economic growth is set to recover in the 2nd half of this year.

Emerging Markets in 2019: Is this a year of opportunities?

  • This year the biggest issue for Central Europe is the Eurozone slow down.
  • Turkey is mostly a yield play, even with the forecast this year.
  • In 2019, opportunity is returning to emerging Europe and Africa.

Global Asset Allocation Outlook 2019: What does a slowdown regime mean for markets?

  • We’ve seen the market shift regimes where growth is heading sub-trend.
  • The lack of policy maker ammunition may trigger more unconventional policies.
  • This is a classic cyclical end game and markets may need to re-rate further.


  • Kevin Gaynor

    Head of International Research

  • Bilal Hafeez

    Head of Fixed Income Research, EMEA

  • George Buckley

    Chief UK Economist

  • Inan Demir

    Senior EEMEA Economist

  • Marcin Kujawski

    Central Europe Economist

  • Shinya Harui

    Euro Area Economist

  • Yujiro Goto

    Senior FX Strategist

  • Sam Bonney

    Macro Strategy Research

  • Chiara Zangarelli

    Italy Economist

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