Into 2018 - Central Banks

One of the biggest concerns for markets in 2018 is likely to be monetary policy.

The Fed is currently projecting three rate hikes in 2018, the European Central Bank is likely to taper its bond buying programme, and questions are being raised about the sustainability of the Bank of Japan’s zero rate yield curve control policy. How will monetary policy impact global markets in the year ahead?

In this video, Bilal Hafeez, Head of Fixed Income Research, EMEA, Renuka Fernandez, Senior European Rates Strategist, Andy Cates, Head of International Developed Markets Economics, Naka Matsuzawa, Chief Japan Rates Strategist, George Goncalves, Head of Fixed Income Strategy, Americas, and Jordan Rochester, G10 FX Strategist share some of the key factors influencing the major central banks looking at less accommodative monetary policy.

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