Fireside Chats – Asia insights: How is Asia extending its lead in the race to recovery?

Why are Asian economies going to be the outperformers of 2021?

  • We discuss why Asian economies are set to stand out given the potential for vaccine deployment and re-opening of the Global economy
  • What it means for inflation, policy rates and potential areas traders will be focused on.
  • Finally, what are the key risks to their outlook, and are there other background structural trends to watch.

In this episode of our Fireside Chats series we’re talking with Rob Subbaraman, & Sonal Varma, from our Asia Economics team, on why Asia should be the outperforming region in 2021.


  • ロブ・スバラマン

    グローバル マクロ リサーチ ヘッド

  • ソナル・バルマ



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