Fireside Chats - US Outlook: New Year, new President, new America?

What does 2021 hold for the US?

  • We discuss the current state of discourse in US politics, and what it will mean for policy making.
  • Next we look at the fiscal and non-legislative policy we should expect in 2021.
  • Finally we finish up on the risks to the Fed’s policy making this year, and if quantitative easing will come to an end?

In this episode of our Fireside Chats series we are talking with Lewis Alexander and Robert Dent, from our US Economics team, on what to expect from the US in 2021.


  • ジョーダン・ローチェスター

    為替 ストラテジスト

  • ルイス・アレクサンダー

    米国 チーフエコノミスト

  • Rob Dent

    US Economist

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