Fireside Chat - The Wonder Down Under: How have the Antipodes dealt with Covid-19?

How have the Antipodes navigated COVID19 so well, and what are the next steps for their economy?

  • Why have Australia and New Zealand done relatively well on the COVID19 front, and what are the key lessons to be learnt?
  • What has been the policy responses, and how affective have they been?
  • What does the unwind of lockdowns look like, and how is all of this playing out in your macro view and strategy views for the region?

Well, COVID-19 has certainly turned the global economy and global markets upside down this year. But we’ve now moved beyond the initial shock; we’ve had time to get our heads around the size and scale of some of the issues; we’ve certainly see divergence in some of the outcomes being experienced across different countries, and over the past month or so, we’ve neem tracking the growing global theme towards relaxation of lock-down measures, which has certainly been supporting equity markets and risk assets. Two of the countries which have done relatively well, in terms of COVID numbers, are down in the Antipodes, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Andrew Ticehurst

    Rates Strategist, Australia

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