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What's on the horizon for the global economy?

Our weekly updated overview highlights the key releases of global economic market data from around the globe and provides an economic outlook for the rest of 2021 by region.

3 min read | June 2021

Central Banks

US Economy- A Closer Look at Inflation Expectations

Most measures of inflation expectations remain at a level consistent with the Fed’s 2% flexible average inflation targeting (FAIT) framework

3 min read | June 2021

Emerging Markets

Nomura Investment Forum Asia – Staying the Course With Asian Stocks Amid Near-Term Volatility

We expect strong earnings recovery this year for Asia ex-Japan equities and double-digit earnings growth in 2022.

2 min read | June 2021

Emerging Markets

Nomura Investment Forum Asia – 5G rollout to drive revenue growth at Chinese telcos

The growing adoption of 5G networks among customers in China is expected to boost domestic telecom companies’ average revenue per user and mobile revenue growth.

2 min read | June 2021


Nomura Investment Forum Asia – The Diverging Recovery Paths of Asia’s Biggest Economies

China, which staged a sharp rebound in economic growth could face downward pressure into the second half of the year. Japan's recovery hinges on the acceleration of its vaccination program.

3 min read | June 2021


Resilience of global M&A

Global M&A saw a marked increase in the wake of the pandemic, but is this rise here to stay, and if so in which sectors?

6 min read | June 2021

Emerging Markets

It’s the Decade to Double Down on Chinese Equities

It is time for global investors to recognize China's scale and complexity, consider it a separate asset class and dedicate more resources and funds to this market.

3 min read | June 2021


US Economic Weekly Update

Our weekly update of the developments and key themes around the US economy

1 min read | June 2021


How are Supply Constraints Affecting the US Labor Market Recovery?

Taking stock and looking ahead

4 min read | June 2021


Covid-19: India’s second wave is a humanitarian rather than an economic crisis

India’s second wave has resulted in a hit to mobility, unemployment rates and economic activity.

2 min read | May 2021


China: How the north/south divide highlights the credit risk disparity

The widening north/south divide could result in a vicious cycle of rising defaults and slower growth in northern China. Though we do not expect a national crisis, markets should be prepared for more defaults.

4 min read | May 2021


A Measured Approach to ESG Investing

An overlay technique of consensus-ratings to improve the ESG quality of portfolios

5 min read | May 2021

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