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Asia's new flying geese

Asia is the main beneficiary of the China-plus-one strategy, led by India, Vietnam and Malaysia, while Mexico is benefiting outside of Asia.

4 min read | June 2024

Central Banks

What's on the horizon for the global economy?

Our weekly updated overview highlights the key releases of global economic market data from around the globe and provides an economic outlook for 2023 by region.

3 min read | June 2024


Private credit can provide the most compelling opportunities in Asia

Investor interest in private credit in Asia has grown substantially over the last couple of years and private credit providers with an integrated and holistic offering, and ability to serve clients across jurisdictions and their credit lifecycle, will have an edge.

4 min read | May 2024


Asia Economic Monthly: China taps Asian demand

Asia is importing more from but exporting less to China.

3 min read | May 2024


The great reshuffle in global supply chains

Assessing China’s hidden trade with America.

3 min read | May 2024


US Economy: The Immigration Enigma

Higher immigration does not fully account for recent labor market resilience

2 min read | May 2024


Indian opportunities spice up Japanese corporate growth strategies

India is highly complementary to Japan in view of its rapid economic growth and rich talent pool.

3 min read | April 2024

Japan in focus

Japan Regional Banks Target Zero Day Options to Escape Zero Yields

Japan’s regional banks are turning to zero-day options linked to the S&P 500 index in their hunt for yield

3 min read | April 2024


Asia Economic Monthly: Asia’s growth kaleidoscope

Don’t paint the entire region with the same brush. Growth divergence is likely, based on cyclical and structural outlooks.

4 min read | April 2024


Repacks Rebooted: Insurers Turn to Structured Notes for Alpha

Repackaged notes are increasing in popularity as insurance companies seek to boost returns and offer more competitive policies to customers

3 min read | March 2024


Asia Economic Monthly: Deciphering Asia’s capex cycles and trends

Leading indicators point to a cyclical improvement in the open economies, but we expect higher investment trends in India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

4 min read | March 2024


How a Unique Financing Reduced Costs for Taiwan’s GlobalWafers

GlobalWafers, the world’s third biggest silicon wafer maker issued EUR345mn of Exchangeable Units.

2 min read | March 2024

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