Fireside Chats – Asia Insights: Prospects for Indonesian and ASEAN economies.

Outlook for ASEAN economies.

  • We’ll be asking them on why interest in Indonesia and the macro community is picking up
  • How this compares to the rest of the ASEAN economies, and why Indonesia is perhaps the most sensitive to higher US yields
  • And how investors and traders should position on it.

In this episode of our Fireside Chats series we’ll be talking with Euben Paracuelles our Chief ASEAN Economist and Wee Choon Teo our Asia FX strategist, on their thoughts for Indonesia and brief look over the rest of the ASEAN region.


  • Euben Paracuelles

    Southeast Asia Economist

  • Wee Choon Teo

    Strategist, Asia ex-Japan

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