Fireside Chats - Asia's Emerging Markets: The best of a bad bunch

The state of Asia's Emerging Markets and how they got there.

  • What was technologies role in the COVID-19 recovery story?
  • How do the other Global Emerging Markets compare to those in Asia?
  • In the Global hunt for yield why choose Asian Emerging Markets?

In this episode of our Fireside Chat series Jordan talks to Rob Subbaraman, our Head of Global Macro Research, taking a deep look into Asia’s Emerging Markets, and why they stand out as an outlier among the others. Looking particularly at which specific Asian countries have performed well, their individual strengths, and what Emerging Markets offer in relation to other asset classes.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Rob Subbaraman

    Head of Global Macro Research and Co-head of Global Markets Research

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