Fireside Chats – Euro Area Outlook: How is Europe riding the second wave of Covid-19?

Our European Economics team, discuss the key lessons to be learnt from new Covid-19 outbreaks.

In this episode of our Fireside Chats series we’ll be talking with George Buckley and Chiara Zangarelli, from our European Economics team, on the key lessons to be learnt from new Covid-19 outbreaks, and what does it mean for Europe’s outlook? How does the rising risk of new cases potentially impact economic growth, inflation and the ECB’s forecast? And finally what’s on the long-term horizon for the Eurozone, are there any silver linings beyond this winter?


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • George Buckley

    Chief UK & Euro Area Economist

  • Chiara Zangarelli

    European Economist

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