The 2020 US Presidential Election - What to know?

With less than a week till Election Day, we've highlighted the key policies, swing states, probabilities, events and more to keep in mind.

  • On Tuesday, November 3, the US will elect their next president, giving Donald Trump four more years, or handing over the White House keys to Joe Biden.
  • With the debates, rallies and campaigning coming to an end, and both sides having outlined their foreign, domestic, and economic policy, all that's left is to tally up.
  • If Biden wins he is likely to usher in a new set of US economic objectives and policies, we've outlined some of the key possibilities below.

For more information please see our US: 2020 Election Final Update


  • Lewis Alexander

    Chief US Economist

  • Rob Dent

    US Economist

  • Aichi Amemiya

    US Economist

  • Kenny Lee

    US Economist

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