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Emerging Markets

Russian Invasion of Ukraine to Turbocharge Renewables Deals

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could provide the 'jolt' that gives renewables the scale needed to deliver the EU’s climate policies

2 min read | May 2022


Fireside Chats - US Outlook: New Year, new President, new America?

What does 2021 hold for the USA?

3 min podcast | January 2021

Central Banks

2021 Equities Outlook: is more about 2022

In 2021, investors will likely focus on an eventual 2022 renormalization driven by potentially even better vaccines/therapeutics to help contain the spread of the virus.

17 min video | December 2020

Central Banks

Asia Outlook 2021 – Bracing for Reflation

We are overall quite positive on the outlook for Asia in 2021, with an above consensus GDP growth rebound.

6 min read | December 2020

Central Banks

Thailand: The Economic Fallout of Political Protests – This Time is No Different

Student-led protests have resumed in Thailand, demanding constitutional changes and reforms to the monarchy.

3 min read | December 2020


Asia under Bidenomics

Following the recent US elections, we explore the likely impact of Biden’s policies on Asia’s economies.

10 min read | November 2020


Economic Policy under a Biden Administration

If Biden wins in November, he is likely to usher in a new set of US economic objectives and policies.

4 min read | September 2020


Covid-19 a blessing in disguise for climate change?

We look at 6 ways that COVID-19 has helped address key issues in climate change.

4 min read | August 2020


Fireside Chats - The World After Covid-19: Where do we go next?

Have Governments and Investors reached their limits?

21 min podcast | August 2020


Diversification from China: The push and pull factors

What are the Global implications of diversifying from China?

3 min read | August 2020


Government debt - a new paradigm?

For economies to stay afloat, historic amounts of fiscal and economic stimulus have been provided, but how will this sovereign debt be repaid?

2 min read | August 2020

Central Banks

The world post Covid-19

The world remains in the grip of Covid-19, but the pandemic can also serve as a catalyst for change that can shape the world for decades to come.

3 min read | July 2020

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