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In the ever changing digitised global economy, keeping pace is invaluable. The technological revolution is at the heart of many economic trends - understand who stands to benefit and why, with insights into rising trends and innovations.


China’s Dual Circulation Strategy: A Tale of Chips Versus Homes

Dual circulation strategy is a combination of import substitution and domestic demand expansion. It seems to be a natural growth strategy for China.

2 min read | December 2020


Highlights from Nomura ESG Conference 2020

The global pandemic and increasing severity of climate change are redefining how risks are managed and opportunities captured in the financial sector. Our inaugural ESG conference on October 21-22, 2020 took a deep dive into these areas and the sustainable finance trends shaping the decade ahead, with a focus on Asia.

7 min read | November 2020

Emerging Markets

China Education: Embracing the Online Boom

The online education industry in China has great growth potential, with market size expected to double in five years.

2 min read | August 2020

Central Banks

The world post Covid-19 (part 2)

The world remains in the grip of Covid-19, but the pandemic can also serve as a catalyst for change that can shape the world for decades to come.

29 min video | August 2020


The Rise of eSports: An already growing ecosystem now accelerated by current events

The eSports ecosystem and related industries are expected to grow even after the current pandemic we are experiencing passes.

5 min read | August 2020

Japan in focus

Japan’s first digital bond offering using blockchain technology

NRI issues Japan’s first bond offering using blockchain technology through “ibet,” a new open source blockchain platform developed by BOOSTRY, NRI’s joint venture with Nomura Holdings.

4 min read | June 2020


Nomura Investment Forum Asia: Covid-19 will Reshape Global Auto Industry

As with most other industries, the lockdowns imposed due to Covid-19 have resulted in a change in global commuting patterns. Is the worst behind us?

4 min read | June 2020


Nomura Investment Forum Asia: Asia Healthcare Post Covid-19

Unsurprisingly, the hospital sector is one of the industries that has been most impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Our analysts specializing in this sector tell us how countries such as China, ASEAN and India have been dealing with the pandemic and what can be expected in the future.

3 min read | June 2020


Upturn in global IT cycle and the Japanese economy

Attention is focusing on the global IT cycle following the launch of commercial 5G services. Global semiconductor sales bottomed out in 2019 H1 and recovered in the summer.

4 min read | February 2020


Asia Pacific Technology: The Bull Phase to Continue in 2020F

We expect upstream companies to be more attractive in the tech sector in 2020.

1 min read | January 2020

Japan in focus

Quantum Computer Research of Nomura Asset Management

NAM’s Innovation Lab Department and the Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University explore practical application of quantum computers especially in the machine learning field.

4 min read | November 2019


Does eFX still require a human touch?

Client demands for speed and efficiency, coupled with regulatory pressure for transparency, will continue to drive the growth of electronic trading, including trading of more complex products

4 min read | November 2019

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