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Central Banks

2020 US Outlook: Extending a long expansion

Extending a long expansion

3 min read | February 2020


Event Risk Radar

The top market moving events that should be on your radar. Including the US Presidential election, trade talks, rate cuts & QE, Brexit and budgets, and green shoots in market survey data.

5 min video | January 2020

Central Banks

Global Economic Outlook 2020: On Shaky Foundations

Global growth appears set to bottom out. However, we expect 2020 to be a year of global growth consolidation than a full-fledged recovery.

17 min video | January 2020


What will be the role of quantum computing in the future of finance?

Tech giants like Google and IBM are racing to be the first ones to create the next generation of supercomputers, but how will they impact the world of finance?

2 min read | October 2019

Emerging Markets

Nomura's Commitment to Infrastructure and Power Finance

The Infrastructure and Power Finance (IPF) team is dedicated to providing capital solutions for energy, infrastructure and related assets.

2 min video | September 2019


Nearing an Inflection Point: Preparing for a Change in Global Growth Velocity

We have been downbeat on the global economic outlook, primarily due to our views on US-China trade frictions. Prior to the trade truce in Osaka, we established our base case in which the US imposes 25% tariffs on all Chinese imports and China retaliates before the end of the year. We stand by this forecast as tariff threats continue to escalate.

2 min read | September 2019


Is the US on the verge of a recession?

With clear signs that the US economy has slowed, growing trade tensions rising, and new signs that global growth is slowing, is a US recession around the corner?

4 min read | September 2019

Central Banks

Are the Major Central Banks Trapped?

The policy reaction function of many of the world’s major central banks looks to have changed and a number have yet again made a dovish shift. We argue that these central banks could be “trapped” in an ultra-loose monetary policy stance and are losing their ability to normalize policy.

2 min read | July 2019

Central Banks

Global midyear economic outlook 2019

Central bankers step up to the plate as the tug-of-war between monetary easing and rising business uncertainty is set to intensify.

4 min read | July 2019


Damocles Update: Who is at Risk?

Damocles is based on a noise-to-signals approach in which we use eight key indicators to predict currency crises in 30 emerging market (EM) countries; this approach has correctly predicted 67% of the 54 crises since 1996.

3 min podcast | July 2019


US-China Trade Diversion: Who Benefits?

The ongoing and escalating US-China trade friction is no doubt negative for the world economy.

2 min read | June 2019


Ten years after the financial crisis: a more stable financial system with new risks

2 min video | March 2019

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