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Central Banks

The world post Covid-19

The world remains in the grip of Covid-19, but the pandemic can also serve as a catalyst for change that can shape the world for decades to come.

3 min read | July 2020


Fireside Chats - The 2020 Presidential Election: What will it mean for markets?

In our latest Fireside Chat episode we discuss the impact of the 2020 US Presidential election will have on our market outlook.

28 min podcast | June 2020


Nomura Investment Forum Asia: ESG Perspectives

With Covid-19 being a common factor affecting the economy across industries, we also take a look at its impact on capital markets and what that means for sustainable finance.

4 min read | June 2020


Nomura Investment Forum Asia: Global Economic Outlook Post Covid-19

During our virtual Nomura Investment Forum Asia conference this year, our economists explain what the global economy is going to look like in light of Covid-19 and other global events such as the United States election.

3 min read | June 2020


Gauging the Risk of a Second Wave of Covid-19

We develop a visual tool to assess the risk of a Covid-19 second wave as economies reopen, applying it to 10 US states and 45 major economies.

2 min read | June 2020


US: Updating our Forecast as the Covid-19 Outbreak Matures

Different ways to think about the contraction and the long road to recovery

4 min read | May 2020


Fireside Chats - What does the US Treasury Foreign Exchange report mean for FX markets?

Craig Chan our Global Head of FX Strategy discusses what his thoughts are for the upcoming US Treasury FX report

9 min podcast | May 2020


World after reopening and ideas for Japanese equities

Basic strategy likely to involve shift to sectors with high intrinsic growth rate (alpha)

3 min read | April 2020

Central Banks

Fireside Chats - US Updated Outlook: What's left in the FED's toolbox to fight Covid-19?

Jordan Rochester and our Chief US Economist Lewis Alexander discuss how the FED intends on combating Covid-19

20 min podcast | April 2020


Damocles Update 3: Our Early Warning Indicator of Exchange Rate Crises

Damocles is based on a noise-to-signals approach in which we use eight key indicators to predict currency crises in 30 emerging market (EM) countries; this approach has correctly predicted 67% of the 54 crises since 1996.

1 min read | April 2020

Central Banks

2020 US Outlook: Extending a long expansion

Extending a long expansion

3 min read | February 2020


Event Risk Radar

The top market moving events that should be on your radar. Including the US Presidential election, trade talks, rate cuts & QE, Brexit and budgets, and green shoots in market survey data.

5 min video | January 2020

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