Fireside Chats - Forecasting a second wave of Covid-19

Is mobility data the next tool in the fight against Covid-19?

  • Our view on Global growth, given the loosening of lockdowns, are we in the recovery phase?
  • Has the spread of unconventional monetary policies in Emerging Markets resulted in divergences in economic recovery?
  • Are we able to track and visualise the potential second wave of COVID19 with mobility data?
Gauging the risk of a COVID-19 second wave in 45 economies

In this episode of our Fireside Chat series Jordan talks to Rob Subbaraman, our Head of Global Macro Research, who discusses his views on an outlook to Global growth. Looking in detail at the spread of unconventional monetary policies that economies are using to combat COVID19. Finally touching on how with the use of a new visual tool that uses mobility data to track which countries who are at risk of a second wave of COVID19.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Rob Subbaraman

    Head of Global Macro Research and Co-head of Global Markets Research

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