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Central Banks

Fireside Chats - A Much More Hawkish ECB, Where Will It End?

Our European Economics team discuss what the hawkish turn from the European Central Bank means for the Euro Area and risks around the outlook.

26 min video | September 2022


ESG360 - Japan’s Electricity Shortages and Demographic Dilemmas in East Asia

We explore the greater than expected power demand in Japan and the impact of demographic changes in South Korea.

21 min video | September 2022


Insect Effect – Reinventing the World’s Food System

Clément Ray, CEO and co-founder of biotech company Innovafeed, told Nomura Greentech how the startup, which produces insect protein as a sustainable alternative to higher emission protein sources, is focused on building a zero waste agri-food chain.

4 min read | September 2022


Asia Recovery Interrupted As Recessions Loom In Europe, US

Asia’s growth cycle is nearing an inflection point. It’s a tale of an interrupted recovery in the region, even as we expect the US and Europe to slip into mild recessions soon.

4 min read | September 2022


What's on the horizon for the global economy?

Our weekly updated overview highlights the key releases of global economic market data from around the globe and provides an economic outlook for the rest of 2022 by region.

3 min read | September 2022


UK Green Retail Bonds Boost Sustainability Toolkit

The world’s first green bonds targeting retail investors are already spurring similar issuances globally.

5 min read | August 2022


Ice is Life – Averting a Climate Disaster

Lewis Pugh is an endurance swimmer, environmental campaigner and UN patron of the Oceans. He is the first person to complete long distance swims in every ocean of the world. He told Nomura Greentech how overfishing, pollution and warmer waters are threatening sea life.

5 min read | August 2022


ESG360 - Green Energy Stocks and Navigating Social Data

We take a look at the resilience of green energy stocks amid a broad-based stock market downturn in the first half of the year.

23 min video | August 2022


Quantamental Analysis Combines the Best of Both Worlds

Quantamental analysis is gaining popularity among the investing community

4 min read | August 2022


The Green Pivot - How an Energy Giant is Shifting To Renewables

Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of TotalEnergies, the French energy giant, told Nomura Greentech how he is pivoting the company away from oil towards renewables and how offshore wind has huge potential.

5 min read | July 2022


Decarbonizing Heavy Industry is Key to Climate Progress

Technological progress, policy incentives and investment will speed the decarbonization of heavy industry sectors to help the world reach net zero

3 min read | July 2022


ESG360 - Why Focus on Employment Standards in ESG?

We discuss how how the best firms try to align their employees’ values and objectives with their own

0 min read | July 2022

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