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Central Banks

US Economy- A Closer Look at Inflation Expectations

Most measures of inflation expectations remain at a level consistent with the Fed’s 2% flexible average inflation targeting (FAIT) framework

3 min read | June 2021

Central Banks

Fireside Chats - US & European Insights: Inflation, how far will it go?

Commodities and inflation are rising, how will they respond across the pond?

29 min podcast | June 2021


Resilience of global M&A

Global M&A saw a marked increase in the wake of the pandemic, but is this rise here to stay, and if so in which sectors?

6 min read | June 2021


US Economic Weekly Update

Our weekly update of the developments and key themes around the US economy

1 min read | June 2021


How are Supply Constraints Affecting the US Labor Market Recovery?

Taking stock and looking ahead

4 min read | June 2021


A Measured Approach to ESG Investing

An overlay technique of consensus-ratings to improve the ESG quality of portfolios

5 min read | May 2021


Carbon Pricing and Financial Markets: The cheapest most expensive commodity

Various approaches to carbon pricing have been trialled in financial and capital markets, illustrating major changes in Enterprise Value.

5 min read | May 2021


Fireside Chats - US Insights: Outlook for infrastructure and fiscal spending

What are Biden's plans for growth this year?

22 min podcast | April 2021


Japan begins discussions on carbon pricing framework

Carbon pricing in Japan could focus on policy mix involving carbon tax, emissions trading, subsidies

3 min read | March 2021


Damocles: Our early warning indicator of EM exchange rate crises

Two countries – Egypt and Turkey – are currently at risk of a currency crisis with Romania coming close behind, just under the 100 threshold.

3 min read | February 2021


US: Domestic Priorities for the Biden Administration in 2021

Vaccine rollout, pandemic support and infrastructure investment will likely be top priorities

5 min read | January 2021


Biden’s Green Shift and its Impact on Asia

A pillar of US President Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency was the radical reform of US environmental policy, but what will it mean for Asia?

3 min read | January 2021

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