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Japan in focus

Japan is a story of fascinating contrasts. To unlock the opportunities and understand how the story will continue to unfold, it requires an expert in the region – to connect the history with the future.

Japan in focus

Fireside Chats – Japan Insights: Abenomics to Suganomics to…?

Outlook for Japan and markets ahead of the election.

30 min podcast | September 2021


Nomura Investment Forum Asia – The Diverging Recovery Paths of Asia’s Biggest Economies

China, which staged a sharp rebound in economic growth could face downward pressure into the second half of the year. Japan's recovery hinges on the acceleration of its vaccination program.

3 min read | June 2021

Japan in focus

Fireside Chats - Japan Insights: Mid-year Macro Strategy Outlook

We discuss the impact of this recent wave of Covid-19 infections.

35 min podcast | May 2021


Japan begins discussions on carbon pricing framework

Carbon pricing in Japan could focus on policy mix involving carbon tax, emissions trading, subsidies

3 min read | March 2021


Japan: Side effects of support measures for corporations

Companies overcoming cash flow issues caused by the pandemic may have to curb capex due to rising debt

2 min read | November 2020

Japan in focus

Fireside Chats – Japan Outlook: Abenomics without the Abe?

With a change in leadership after the resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, what's next for Japan?

17 min podcast | September 2020

Japan in focus

Case study: More important than ever: why ESG investment will remain crucial

6 min read | September 2020


Japan's path to normalization after pandemic

2 min read | August 2020

Japan in focus

Japan’s post-Covid growth strategy and action plan

2 min read | July 2020

Japan in focus

Japan’s first digital bond offering using blockchain technology

4 min read | June 2020


World after reopening and ideas for Japanese equities

Basic strategy likely to involve shift to sectors with high intrinsic growth rate (alpha)

3 min read | April 2020

Central Banks

Will Covid-19 tip the Japanese economy into recession?

3 min read | March 2020

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