Why market volatility is inevitable

Our research analysts, as well as representatives from our sales and trading desks from around the globe discuss the inevitability of volatility, and its true meaning. Volatility is often misunderstood and can mean different things to different people.

How have the ECB and Fed have managed rate volatility, and how that has affected markets? The ECB have been very successful in depressing rate volatility, which looks set to continue. With the Fed raising rates, the US being past full employment and inflation rising, we expect to see a more challenging environment for investors in the US.

Ali Khan discusses the consequences of regulation on volatility, and Richard Oliver speaks about what this means for market makers.


  • Tina Rydberg

    Head of Scandinavian Global Markets Sales

  • Lewis Alexander

    Chief US Economist

  • Ali Khan

    Exotic Rates Trading

  • Richard Oliver

    Short Term Interest Rates Trading

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