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Japan in focus

Japan is a story of fascinating contrasts. To unlock the opportunities and understand how the story will continue to unfold, it requires an expert in the region – to connect the history with the future.


Japanese economy to remain at low ebb

Our main scenario is that recession and additional policy response will be avoided

3 min read | June 2019

Central Banks

Highlights from Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2019

1 min read | June 2019

Japan in focus

The Sakura Story

The West has a growing obsessions with Japan's cherry blossom. Explore the strong connection between the East and West going back to the early plant hunters of the 1600s.

4 min video | May 2019

Central Banks

How will BOJ respond to calls for more easing?

Out of the limited number of options available, what method can the BOJ use?

2 min read | February 2019

Central Banks

Japan outlook 2019: gradual economic slowdown to continue

The recovery in Japan's economic activity is still rolling on, but the growth momentum is likely to weaken

2 min read | January 2019

Japan in focus

How X-Elio completed Japan’s largest solar sale

How X-Elio completed Japan’s largest solar sale – and what it says about the sector’s evolution

4 min read | November 2018


Euroyen market delivers swift results

Euroyen bonds offer size and speed for banks seeking regulatory capital. Are more deals on the way?

4 min read | October 2018

Japan in focus

What can we learn from the history of trade wars?

From the 1950s to the 1990s Japan often found itself in disagreement with the US over trade. Although the trade war in automobiles in the 1980s was to do with the US’s current account deficit, there was significant trade friction from the 1950s to the 1970s related to textiles and steel, which took place before the US had a pronounced current account deficit.

2 min read | August 2018


Why global bonds are still attractive to Japanese issuers

Issuance hit a record high in 2017 and conditions remain supportive for new issues.

3 min read | August 2018

Central Banks

Highlights from Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2018

We held our 15th annual Nomura Investment Forum Asia (NIFA) from June 4 to 7, 2018 in Singapore. Hear from some of our key speakers with highlights from the conference.

3 min video | June 2018

Japan in focus

Japanese cross-border M&A takes off

In a time of global economic and political uncertainty, Japan’s relative stability stands out. After more than two decades of slow growth, the country continues to face many challenges.

6 min read | March 2018

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