Fireside Chats: 2021 Outlook – Asia, a year for Suganomics, China’s growth, and good fortunes?

What will 2021 mean for Asia's outlook?

  • With a new Prime minister, and the Tokyo Olympics, what does 2021 hold for Japan’ economy?
  • Next we look at China, will they experience economic growth similar to 2020, and will their Dual Circulation Strategy get off the ground?
  • Finally we look at the outlook for India, and the rest of Asia, and what are the key leaders and laggards to watch out for?

On the second episode of our 2021 Outlook series, we're talking with our Asia Economics team, Sonal Varma, Takashi Miwa and Ting Lu, on their thoughts for the Asia region in 2021.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Takashi Miwa

    Chief Japan Economist

  • Ting Lu

    Chief China Economist

  • Sonal Varma

    Chief Economist, India and Asia ex-Japan

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