Fireside Chats: 2021 Outlook – Global restoration, converting hope into reality.

Our Global outlook for 2021.

  • What is the path for Global growth and inflation, and what monetary and fiscal policies can we expect?
  • With the re-opening of economies and vaccine rollouts, how long will it take for ‘normality’ to resume?
  • Finally what are the key risks and themes worldwide you should watch out for in the short, medium and, long term?

In the penultimate episode of our 2021 Outlook series, we’re talking with our Global Economics team, with Rob Subbaraman our Head of Global Macro research, Lewis Alexander our Chief US Economist and George Buckley our Chief Euro and UK Economist on their thoughts for 2021.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Rob Subbaraman

    Head of Global Macro Research and Co-head of Global Markets Research

  • Lewis Alexander

    Chief US Economist

  • George Buckley

    Chief UK & Euro Area Economist

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