Fireside Chats: 2021 Outlook - Global FX Strategy, overcoming political hurdles.

What will 2021 mean for FX markets?

  • What can we expect to see for the USD and CNH in the short and medium term of 2021?
  • Who do we expect to be the key outperformers in the new year, and what’s the Outlook for the G10 economies?
  • And finally what are the risks for Asia rates, and how should investors be positioned to respond?

On the first episode of our 2021 Outlook series, we're talking with Craig Chan, our Global Head of FX Strategy, and Albert Leung our Asia Rates Strategist, on their thoughts on FX markets in 2021


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Craig Chan

    Global Head of FX Strategy

  • Albert Leung

    Asia Rates Strategist

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