Fireside Chats - The World After Covid-19: What can we expect?

Will Climate Change, food security and social life return to a new normal?

  • In the latest episode of our Fireside chat series, we talk with Rob Subbaraman, our Head of Global Macro Research, diving into what the world will look like post COVID-19.
  • Specifically at the impact on Climate change, and how this crisis has helped forward global momentum to combat it.
  • How disruptions in supply and demand will impact food security. What are the key differences we are likely to see day to day, and what will become the new normal.

We discuss what COVID-19 means for growth, inflation an monetary policy in the years ahead. But also the longer term structural issues, ranging from lower natural real rates, debt monetisation, income inequality, political disruption, food security, climate change and de-Globalisation. But there are possible silver linings, with the potential for a new and better world order to emerge, tackling climate change and the financial system playing a more socially responsible role with the rise of ESG investing.

For further insight on the world post Covid-19, read our full report here.


  • Jordan Rochester

    FX Strategist

  • Rob Subbaraman

    Head of Global Macro Research and Co-head of Global Markets Research

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