The Japanese Garden Story

The art and craft of Japanese gardens continue to thrive today after well over 1,300 years in Japan and for the last 150 years in various points across the East and the West. There is no mistaking the significance and achievement of these gardens, they are an ancient and cultural art form that is potent in mysterious and arcane energy.

The West has been inspired by the vision of Japanese gardens since the rise of modernism, benefiting not only gardeners and horticulturalists but also artists, philosophers, scientists, poets and thinkers of all disciplines.

Sophie Walker author of 'The Japanese Garden' explains how Japanese horticulturists embrace seasonality and climate like no other culture, and how the West can learn to engage the four-seasons in the same way.

"The Japanese Garden is such an ancient cultural pursuit, that has lasted for 2 millennia. In Japan the Garden isn't simply a decorative art it has deep content, nothing is by accident it is all carefully decided."

Sophie Walker - Garden Designer, and author of 'The Japanese Garden'.

Kazuyuki Ishihara brought unique skills to the UK that flourished, enabling him to win 11 gold medals at the highly coveted Chelsea flower show. Showing the West's endearment towards Japanese gardens and how some of the best of the East has come alive in the West.

" Previously it was hard to find Acer and Bonsai (in the UK), but now they are sold in many places and I can get them easily here."

Kazuyuki Ishihara - Landscape Artist, 11x Gold Medalist, Chelsea Flower Show