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As the world recovers from COVID-19, investors will not lose sight of Sustainability, the trend of ESG issues will become more central to investing and business decisions will accelerate; this is already occurring.


Sustainable Finance in Singapore: A Blueprint for the Region

Singapore’s public sector has spearheaded efforts to create a green financial centre

7 min read | December 2021


How Green is your ESG Fund?

Our analysis of popular ESG funds provides a toolkit to detect greenwashing and separate the most authentic green investments from the rest.

6 min read | November 2021


Emerging Markets Need $100 trillion of Sustainable Power, Says Global Investor Actis

Shami Nissan, Head of Responsible Investment at Actis, a leading emerging markets investor, told Nomura Greentech that developing countries need $100 trillion of sustainable energy over the next two decades to support economic growth.

4 min read | November 2021


The ESG Revolution – Opportunities and Challenges for Companies and Investors

As corporates grapple with the growing need to reduce emissions and minimize the environmental impact of their products and services, the demand for sustainable infrastructure is rising.

3 min read | November 2021


COP26 Review

COP26 highlights: debate on ending coal use, US-China agreement, 1.5°C target

5 min read | November 2021


US Water Wars – How Climate Change is Driving Water Scarcity

Megadroughts in some US states could be a recurring phenomenon yet they offer a chance to revitalise a dated and inefficient water system.

7 min read | November 2021


COP26: What to Expect from the UN’s Climate Summit

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, five sustainability experts across Nomura reflect on the issues that will be discussed to help the global economy reach net zero carbon emissions and keep the planet below 1.5°C

8 min read | October 2021


Nomura’s Jeff McDermott: Asia is Mission Critical to Address Climate Change

Jeff McDermott, Nomura’s newly appointed Global Co-Head of Investment Banking talks about the pressing need for Asia to decarbonize and how Nomura can be a force for good in transitioning companies to greener energy.

15 min video | October 2021


A Win for Nature: Rules to Tackle Biodiversity Loss Start to Emerge

The launch of a new taskforce to protect biodiversity, highlights human reliance on nature to the tune of $44 trillion, and promises to shift financial flows to limit the damage.

4 min read | October 2021

Japan in focus

A Sleeping Giant: The Rise of Japan’s GSS Bond Market

Green, social and sustainability bonds in Japan are seen as instrumental in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and addressing the nation’s social issues

5 min read | October 2021


Household Demand for Energy Independence to Boost Solar, Says Enphase CEO

Badri Kothandaraman, Chief Executive Officer at solar power company Enphase, told Nomura Greentech that the California blackouts and Texas shutdowns spotlight the advantage of energy independence for homeowners.

5 min read | October 2021


How New ESG Transparency Rules Will Unleash the Next Green Wave

Regulators across the world are revamping ESG disclosure rules to reduce greenwashing and catch up with demand from investors struggling to decipher how green their investments truly are.

6 min read | October 2021

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