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Eddie Jones: laser-sharp focus

Eddie Jones, Head Coach of England Rugby, explains how he keeps his team focused.

1 min video | November 2017


Get ready for rising rates

Rising interest rates present challenges for both investors and corporates. However, there are a variety of cost-effective solutions available

6 min read | November 2017


Will UK housing continue to stand tall or fall?

With predictions of a gradual rise in real interest rates, a fall in real house prices could happen. We believe real house prices could be 20% lower by 2030

2 min read | September 2017


Deal-contingent hedging: a flexible way to mitigate risk

Many CFOs assume that risks relating to M&A transactions from unpredictable events (eg Brexit) are difficult to mitigate. But mitigating the risk is achievable.

3 min read | January 2017


How will asset managers survive in a data driven world?

Asset management’s next phase of disruption has arrived with big data creating the imperative for a radical re-imagination of technology in the investment processes.

6 min read | May 2019

Japan in focus

The Sakura Story

Why the West is obsessed with Japan's cherry blossom

4 min video | May 2019

Japan in focus

Bonsai: A miniature view of global markets

How an understanding of Japan's revered bonsai helps explain the markets

3 min read | August 2019

Japan in focus

The Bonsai Story

How the Japanese pursuit of perfection in bonsai has found a home in the West.

3 min video | August 2019


What will be the role of quantum computing in the future of finance?

Tech giants like Google and IBM are racing to be the first ones to create the next generation of supercomputers, but how will they impact the world of finance?

2 min read | August 2019

Japan in focus


Where has the East met the West to create beautiful gardens

| July 2019

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