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Economic Policy under a Biden Administration

4 min read | September 2020


Why have European retail sales recovered so strongly?

Since lockdowns began to be lifted different sectors across Europe’s large economies have performed in different ways. But retailing – almost universally across developed markets – has rebounded at a far quicker pace.

3 min read | September 2020

Central Banks

Is the ECB playing catch up with the Fed?

Will the European Central Bank follow in the Fed’s footsteps and implement average inflation targeting?

5 min read | September 2020


Covid-19 a blessing in disguise for climate change?

We look at 6 ways that COVID-19 has helped address key issues in climate change.

4 min read | August 2020


Deglobalization: The past and future

The tide of deglobalization is reshoring and gathering momentum, who is set to benefit?

3 min read | August 2020


Fireside Chats - The World After Covid-19: Where do we go next?

Have Governments and Investors reached their limits?

21 min podcast | August 2020

Central Banks

The world post Covid-19 (part 2)

The world remains in the grip of Covid-19, but the pandemic can also serve as a catalyst for change that can shape the world for decades to come.

29 min video | August 2020


Fireside Chats - The World After Covid-19: What can we expect?

Will Climate Change, food security and social life return to a new normal?

34 min podcast | August 2020


Government debt - a new paradigm?

For economies to stay afloat, historic amounts of fiscal and economic stimulus have been provided, but how will this sovereign debt be repaid?

2 min read | August 2020

Central Banks

The world post Covid-19

Nomura special report

3 min read | July 2020


Fireside Chats - The EU recovery fund: The what, the why, the how?

In this episode of our Fireside Chat series Jordan talks with Marco Brancolini from our EUR rates desk strategy team on the EU recovery fund.

21 min podcast | July 2020


FX Options: Embracing the Potential of Platforms

Regulatory requirements, clients’ drive for efficiency, and the experience of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic are spurring a shift of FX option activity to platforms.

3 min read | June 2020

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