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Europe, Middle East and Africa

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UK Housing Market: Boom or Bust?

An outlook for the UK's housing market, weighing the positives against the negatives

9 min read | April 2021


A new green finance paradigm

The pandemic has spurred a reset in values regarding social and environmental stewardship.

4 min read | April 2021

Emerging Markets

Fireside Chats – EM Insights: Which countries lie under the Damocles Sword?

Which Emerging Markets are at risk of an exchange rate crisis?

22 min podcast | March 2021

Central Banks

Fireside Chats - BoJ and ECB Strategy Review: A New Direction?

How will the upcoming BoJ and ECB meetings impact monetary policy strategy and markets?

43 min podcast | March 2021


Japan begins discussions on carbon pricing framework

As part of global moves toward reducing carbon emissions, attention will likely focus on the debate surrounding carbon pricing in 2021.

3 min read | March 2021


Fireside Chats - UK Insights: Will the UK be the underdog story of 2021?

Will the vaccine rollout result in the comeback story of 2021?

40 min podcast | January 2021


2021 Global Economic Outlook - A topsy-turvy recovery

The still-raging pandemic produced a unique recession in 2020, but what does the future hold?

4 min read | December 2020

Central Banks

2021 Equities Outlook: is more about 2022

In 2021, investors will likely focus on an eventual 2022 renormalization driven by potentially even better vaccines/therapeutics to help contain the spread of the virus.

17 min video | December 2020


Fireside Chats: 2021 Outlook - Global FX Strategy, overcoming political hurdles.

What will 2021 mean for FX markets?

28 min podcast | December 2020


Fireside Chats: ESG Insights – ESG’s star performance in 2020, its role in bank capital issuance, & what’s next?

After a record year of issuance, what's next for ESG?

37 min podcast | December 2020


Can you put a price on pollution?

Growing recognition of the criticality of decarbonising the world’s economies has lead to Carbon Pricing, but how does it work?

3 min read | December 2020


How the UK Economy is fast becoming the runt of the G10 litter?

Will the UK be able to vaccinate itself against a weakening economy?

3 min read | November 2020

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