Outlook 2018: EMEA

The wind is finally back in Europe’s sails. 2017 was a standout year for the eurozone economy, despite all the political uncertainty looming in the background.

The European Central Bank (ECB) upgraded its GDP growth forecasts for the eurozone, unemployment fell to a record low and market expectations are growing that the ECB will finally wind down its monetary stimulus programme. Will economic growth in the eurozone continue to gain momentum amid continuing political uncertainty in 2018?

In this video, Bilal Hafeez, Head of Fixed Income Research, EMEA, Andy Cates, Head of International Developed Markets Economics, Jordan Rochester, G10 FX Strategist, and Renuka Fernandez, Senior European Rates Strategist, take a look at the interplay between politics, inflation and monetary policy in the euro area economy in 2018.


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