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Our experience navigating Asia’s cultures and customs is unrivaled. With integrated global access and deep roots in Asia, Nomura Connects is where our rigorous research meets our extensive global footprint and provides true insights to one connected market.
Central Banks

Thailand: The Economic Fallout of Political Protests – This Time is No Different

Student-led protests have resumed in Thailand, demanding constitutional changes and reforms to the monarchy.

3 min read | December 2020

Emerging Markets

Fireside Chats – Asia Insights: China’s Dual Circulation Strategy; clear aim, tricky implementation.

Is China becoming more self-sufficient?

3 min video | November 2020


Emerging Markets’ Quantitative Easing Amid Rising Investor Discrimination

Analysis of the rapid growth in 20 EM central bank balance sheets and show how 10 are now larger than that of the US Fed (relative to GDP).

3 min read | November 2020

Emerging Markets

Fireside Chats – Asia Insights: How do the Thai protests tie into the Thai economy?

How much of an impact are the recent protests having on the Thai Economy?

34 min video | November 2020


Asia under Bidenomics

Following the recent US elections, we explore the likely impact of Biden’s policies on Asia’s economies.

10 min read | November 2020


Highlights from Nomura ESG Conference 2020

The global pandemic and increasing severity of climate change are redefining how risks are managed and opportunities captured in the financial sector. Our inaugural ESG conference on October 21-22, 2020 took a deep dive into these areas and the sustainable finance trends shaping the decade ahead, with a focus on Asia.

7 min read | November 2020


Fireside Chats – FX Insights: USD and CNY, how are 2 sides of different coins dealing with recent volatility?

How are FX markets dealing with the recent volatility?

3 min podcast | November 2020


Japan: Side effects of support measures for corporations

Companies overcoming cash flow issues caused by the pandemic may have to curb capex due to rising debt

2 min read | November 2020

Emerging Markets

Fireside Chats – Emerging Markets FX Insights

Is Indonesian 'helicopter money' keeping their economy aflight?

26 min podcast | October 2020


Indonesia: Thoughts on Emerging Policy Challenges and Risks

In this webinar, we discuss recent major developments in Indonesia including lockdown measures re-imposed in Jakarta.

56 min video | September 2020


Economic Policy under a Biden Administration

If Biden wins in November, he is likely to usher in a new set of US economic objectives and policies.

4 min read | September 2020

Japan in focus

Fireside Chats – Japan Outlook: Abenomics without the Abe?

With a change in leadership after the resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, what's next for Japan?

17 min podcast | September 2020

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