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Our experience navigating Asia’s cultures and customs is unrivaled. With integrated global access and deep roots in Asia, Nomura Connects is where our rigorous research meets our extensive global footprint and provides true insights to one connected market.

Singapore is Building a Competent Workforce

As border restrictions are relaxed, tight labor market conditions could ease

2 min read | June 2022


ESG in East Asia: The 'S' Factor - What are the Key Social Principles?

Part 1: History and Social Principles

5 min read | June 2022


ESG360 - The ‘S’ Factor in East Asia

A research project between Nomura and the University of Sheffield’s School of East Asian Studies to explore the Social pillar of ESG with a particular focus on measuring employment in South Korea.

18 min video | June 2022


Fixing the Problem with US Quality Investing – an ESG Approach

Adding ESG features to a portfolio of U.S. ‘quality’ stocks dramatically improves performance.

5 min read | May 2022


Gender-Related Finance Set to Accelerate Japan’s Sustainability Agenda

Investors and corporates are looking to finance to tackle gender inequality in Japan.

4 min read | May 2022


Fireside Chats - Asia Insights: Taking the Temperature of Asia's Underlying Inflation

Our global economists share their thoughts on the state of Asia’s underlying inflation and what it means for the Macro outlook.

26 min video | May 2022

Emerging Markets

Russian Invasion of Ukraine to Turbocharge Renewables Deals

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could provide the 'jolt' that gives renewables the scale needed to deliver the EU’s climate policies

2 min read | May 2022

Central Banks

Fireside Chats - The ECB & BOE: Earlier and Faster Hikes?

Our economist and desk strategist share thoughts on the materially new hawkishness from the ECB and the hot and cold approach of the Bank of England to monetary policy.

28 min video | May 2022


ESG360 - Fixing the Problem with U.S. Quality Investing

In this episode of ESG360, Joe Mezrich, Nomura’s Head of Equities Quantitative Strategy, shares his insights on how to fix the underperformance of U.S. 'quality' investing.

13 min video | May 2022


Fireside Chats – Asia Insights: ASEAN Border Reopenings

Our economist and fx strategist share their thoughts on fast-tracked border re-openings in Southeast Asia

26 min video | May 2022


ASEAN: Border reopening 2.0 – Finally going somewhere

As Omicron subsides and travel restrictions ease, ASEAN countries have fast-tracked border re-openings

2 min read | April 2022


How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping ESG Ratings

Some of the biggest global investors including Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund are using computer algorithms to gain deeper insights into the ESG effectiveness of companies they invest in.

4 min read | April 2022

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