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Our experience navigating Asia’s cultures and customs is unrivaled. With integrated global access and deep roots in Asia, Nomura Connects is where our rigorous research meets our extensive global footprint and provides true insights to one connected market.

Resilience of global M&A

Global M&A saw a marked increase in the wake of the pandemic, but is this rise here to stay, and if so in which sectors?

6 min read | June 2021


Carbon Pricing and Financial Markets: The cheapest most expensive commodity

Various approaches to carbon pricing have been trialled in financial and capital markets, illustrating major changes in Enterprise Value.

5 min read | June 2021

Emerging Markets

It’s the Decade to Double Down on Chinese Equities

It is time for global investors to recognize China's scale and complexity, consider it a separate asset class and dedicate more resources and funds to this market.

3 min read | June 2021


Covid-19: India’s Second Wave is a Humanitarian Rather than an Economic Crisis

India’s second wave has resulted in a hit to mobility, unemployment rates and economic activity.

2 min read | May 2021

Japan in focus

Fireside Chats - Japan Insights: Mid-year Macro Strategy Outlook

We discuss the impact of this recent wave of Covid-19 infections.

35 min podcast | May 2021


China: How the North/South Divide Highlights the Credit Risk Disparity

The widening north/south divide could result in a vicious cycle of rising defaults and slower growth in northern China. Though we do not expect a national crisis, markets should be prepared for more defaults.

4 min read | May 2021


Fireside Chats - Asia Insights: Is the world out of chips?

The Global semi-conductor chip shortage and impact to markets.

26 min podcast | May 2021


Fireside Chats - Asia Insights: Will China’s North-South divide have multiple growth implications?

Outlook on China's North-South divide.

30 min podcast | May 2021


Fireside Chats: Asia Insights: The surge in India’s Covid-19 cases, and its repercussions…

The surge in Covid-19, and it's impact on India's outlook

34 min podcast | April 2021

Central Banks

The Risk of EM Central Bank Overreach

Which EM central banks are more at risk of falling behind the curve and of greater fiscal dominance?

65 min podcast | April 2021


China: We See No Fiscal Cliff in 2021

With factors such as a moderate 2020 stimulus, tighter controls on property market financing and planned tapering, we believe China’s economy is unlikely to overheat.

2 min read | April 2021

Emerging Markets

Fireside Chats – Asia Insights: Prospects for Indonesian and ASEAN economies.

Outlook for ASEAN economies.

27 min podcast | March 2021

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