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Our experience navigating Asia’s cultures and customs is unrivaled. With integrated global access and deep roots in Asia, Nomura Connects is where our rigorous research meets our extensive global footprint and provides true insights to one connected market.

The Diversity Dividend - Equity as the Bridge to Inclusion

We explore how investment in high quality human capital development programmes for a new dynamic era of inclusion is not only essential for unlocking the diversity dividend, it benefits organizational performance.

21 min video | December 2022


Making Diversity Work: Equity as the Bridge to Inclusion

Part 7 of our Nomura - University of Sheffield research on the social pillar of ESG in East Asia looks at how companies need to rethink their working patterns and expectations for all employees in order to unlock the diversity dividend.

5 min read | November 2022


Damocles: Our Early Warning Indicator of EM Exchange Rate Crises

Our early warning model of EM exchange rate crises shows Egypt, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Czech Republic, Pakistan and Hungary are at risk

2 min read | November 2022


COP27 – Achievements and Outcomes

The Sharm El-Sheikh conference resulted in agreement to carry forward into future COP discussions loss and damage arrangements but didn’t move the needle on limiting climate change.

3 min read | November 2022


ESG360 – COP27: A Review of the UN's Climate Change Conference

We review the proposals, announcements and progress discussed at the UN's Climate Change Conference held in Egypt in November 2022.

33 min video | November 2022


Asia Macro in 30: Macro-financial vulnerabilities in Asia

With weak growth, higher interest rates, a stronger dollar and high leverage making a potent mix, hear from our economists as they discuss macro-financial vulnerabilities in Asia, zooming in on credit stress in South Korea and balance of payments concerns in Indonesia and the Philippines.

30 min podcast | November 2022

Central Banks

MacroBrew – US: Soft CPI, Fed Implications and Politics

In this episode, we explore what the weak CPI number means for the Fed, markets, and a recap on the midterms elections

31 min video | November 2022


Japan’s Road to a New Form of Capitalism

Japan is prioritizing social finance to solve social issues.

4 min read | November 2022


ESG360 – Gender Equality, Disability and the Diversity Dividend

We take note of how companies in East Asia compare to European peers in addressing diversity in the workplace, and what these companies can do to embrace disabled workers and achieve gender equality for the long run.

22 min video | October 2022


Having learned from the 1997 crisis, Asia’s currency defense is likely to be prudent and eclectic

Asian economies are in a much better state today, more able and willing to tolerate currency depreciation, which can act as a shock absorber.

4 min read | October 2022


The Future of Carbon Credit Trading in Singapore

Singapore’s new international carbon credit exchanges are a step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a market with enormous potential.

6 min read | October 2022


Macro Tailwinds Favor Long-Term Growth of Tech-Enabled Companies in Asia

Investors are looking at companies that exhibit sustainable growth and profitability

3 min read | October 2022

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