VOW21: Best of Volatility of the World 2021

Key note presentations on 5 things you didn't know about ESG, the challenges facing post pandemic economies, the evolution of the sustainability mega-trend, and how pursuing ESG investments need not trash your portfolio.

  • Our Volatility of the World digital event addressed the question - Why does Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) matter to a fixed income macro investor?
  • Below are the keynote presentations that addressed a range of topics from the evolution of sustainability and Biden’s climate policies, to the challenges of post-pandemic economies and US/EUR volatility.

This event was hosted and organised by Tina Rydberg, our Head of Nordic GM and QIS EMEA Sales, and lead on GM ESG Forum. In her section above Tina introduces and provides the rational for the title of the event “why does ESG matter to a Fixed Income Macro Investor”. As ESG and sustainability tend to be more straight forward for banking than global markets.

Nomura's Wholesale Governance officer, Andrew Bowley, talks to us about how ESG has become an embedded at Nomura through range of business and corporate led initiatives. Then having a look at a more macro level and at markets as a whole, looking at the key drivers, regulatory developments, and the potential consequences and repercussions of this current global shift.

Next, Anthony Morris, our Global Head of Quantitative Strategies discusses how the pursuit of ESG and incorporating sustainability into your portfolio need not impact the returns. Looking at the costs of implementing ESG on a global level, how the world intends on footing the bill, the rise of big government, and finally the link between macro, trend, and swaptions .

Following on we have Richard Koo, the Chief Economist for Nomura Research Institute, discussing the challenges facing post-pandemic Economies, then at US-China relations and where he see's it going with a change in leadership. Richard looks at the relationship between borrowers and lenders looking throughout history to try and predict the next trend how economies have recovered before. Then looking at the great inflation debate, before finalizing on the US-China relationship and where he thinks it will go next.

Finally, looking outside of Nomura we have Bilal Hafeez, the CEO and Head of Research at Macro Hive, looking at 5 things you might not know about ESG. Such as who are the largest contributors to climate change, is Climate change an extinction level event, de-materialisation, why ESG scores disagree, and can ESG factors impact returns.

For more information on the on our sustainability insights see our hub here.


  • Tina Rydberg

    Head of Nordic GM and QIS EMEA Sales

  • Andrew Bowley

    Wholesale Governance Officer

  • Anthony Morris

    Global Head of Quantitative Strategies, Fixed Income

  • Bilal Hafeez

    CEO and Head of Research at Macro Hive

  • Richard Koo

    Chief Economist for Nomura Research Institute


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