Focused Thinking



Asia Economic Outlook 2018

1 min read | December 2017


Get ready for rising rates

Rising interest rates present challenges for both investors and corporates. However, there are a variety of cost-effective solutions available

6 min read | November 2017


Will UK housing continue to stand tall or fall?

With predictions of a gradual rise in real interest rates, a fall in real house prices could happen. We believe real house prices could be 20% lower by 2030

2 min read | September 2017


China: coming out of the shadows

3 min read | September 2017


China equity strategy: Add Japan and India to our comparative study

3 min read | September 2017


The tranquil path of Asian inflation

3 min read | August 2017


Are striving tiger cubs the next phase of flying geese?

11 min podcast | August 2017


China FinTech: from exuberance to execution

4 min read | May 2017


Deal-contingent hedging: a flexible way to mitigate risk

Many CFOs assume that risks relating to M&A transactions from unpredictable events (eg Brexit) are difficult to mitigate. But mitigating the risk is achievable.

3 min read | January 2017


How will asset managers survive in a data driven world?

Asset management’s next phase of disruption has arrived with big data creating the imperative for a radical re-imagination of technology in the investment processes.

6 min read | May 2019

Japan in focus

Bonsai: A miniature view of global markets

How an understanding of Japan's revered bonsai helps explain the markets

3 min read | August 2019

Japan in focus

Bonsai: Why long-term commitment and vision underpins their beauty

Japan’s ancient bonsai tradition, where miniaturised shrubs and trees are grown in pots for many hundreds of years. This art form is a millennium in the making.

4 min read | August 2019

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