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The Global Economic Impact of Covid-19

Our weekly update on the global economic impact Covid-19 has had on GDP, and provide their base, good and bad scenarios.

3 min read | April 2020

Central Banks

Will Covid-19 tip the Japanese economy into recession?

Japan's senior society facing severe economic cycle

3 min read | March 2020


Upturn in global IT cycle and the Japanese economy

Attention is focusing on the global IT cycle following the launch of commercial 5G services. Global semiconductor sales bottomed out in 2019 H1 and recovered in the summer.

4 min read | February 2020

Central Banks

2020 US Outlook: Extending a long expansion

Extending a long expansion

3 min read | February 2020


Asia Pacific Technology: The Bull Phase to Continue in 2020F

We expect upstream companies to be more attractive in the tech sector in 2020.

1 min read | January 2020


How and why is France one of the Euro Area’s star performers?

Among its struggling European peers, how has France managed to stay ahead of the game?

3 min read | November 2019

Japan in focus

Quantum Computer Research of Nomura Asset Management

NAM’s Innovation Lab Department and the Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University explore practical application of quantum computers especially in the machine learning field.

4 min read | November 2019

Central Banks

India: A Difficult Climb Ahead

Contrary to our expectations of a recovery starting in Q3, high-frequency indicators have plunged and domestic credit conditions remain tight amid weak global demand. As a result, India’s economic recovery is expected to be delayed and the subsequent pickup is expected to be sub-par.

2 min video | November 2019


Does eFX still require a human touch?

Client demands for speed and efficiency, coupled with regulatory pressure for transparency, will continue to drive the growth of electronic trading, including trading of more complex products

4 min read | November 2019


What will be the role of quantum computing in the future of finance?

Tech giants like Google and IBM are racing to be the first ones to create the next generation of supercomputers, but how will they impact the world of finance?

2 min read | October 2019


Innovation driving Asia’s healthcare ecosystem

Asia's healthcare sector has been deploying innovative strategies that are transforming the industry and creating new investment opportunities.

6 min read | October 2019

Central Banks

Risk of BOJ taking Rates Further into Negative Territory and Investment Strategies

Expectations are growing that the BOJ will decide to further loosen monetary policy.

5 min read | October 2019

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