Focused Thinking



What will be the role of quantum computing in the future of finance?

Tech giants like Google and IBM are racing to be the first ones to create the next generation of supercomputers, but how will they impact the world of finance?

2 min read | October 2019


Innovation driving Asia’s healthcare ecosystem

6 min read | October 2019

Central Banks

Risk of BOJ taking rates further into negative territory and investment strategies

5 min read | October 2019


What's the impact of Brexit on the UK Auto Industry?

We update and expand the scope of our analysis for the impact for global automakers, and the intensity of the fallout from a hard Brexit.

2 min read | October 2019


Nearing an inflection point: Preparing for a change in global growth velocity

2 min read | September 2019


Is the US on the verge of a recession?

With clear signs that the US economy has slowed, growing trade tensions rising, and new signs that global growth is slowing, is a US recession around the corner?

4 min read | September 2019

Central Banks

Japan: conditions for more BOJ easing and implications

3 min read | July 2019

Central Banks

Are the major central banks trapped?

2 min read | July 2019

Central Banks

Global midyear economic outlook 2019

Our midyear review looks at different regions around the globe and the key factors affecting them through the remainder of 2019.

4 min read | July 2019

Emerging Markets

China video surveillance: Secure ground in the homeland

2 min read | July 2019


US-China trade diversion: Who benefits?

2 min read | June 2019

Central Banks

NIFA featured article - Will the renminbi crack seven?

5 min read | June 2019

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