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Covid-19: India’s Second Wave is a Humanitarian Rather than an Economic Crisis

India’s second wave has resulted in a hit to mobility, unemployment rates and economic activity.

2 min read | May 2021


China: How the North/South Divide Highlights the Credit Risk Disparity

The widening north/south divide could result in a vicious cycle of rising defaults and slower growth in northern China. Though we do not expect a national crisis, markets should be prepared for more defaults.

4 min read | May 2021


UK Housing Market: Boom or Bust?

An outlook for the UK's housing market, weighing the positives against the negatives

9 min read | April 2021


A new green finance paradigm

The pandemic has spurred a reset in values regarding social and environmental stewardship.

4 min read | April 2021


China: We See No Fiscal Cliff in 2021

With factors such as a moderate 2020 stimulus, tighter controls on property market financing and planned tapering, we believe China’s economy is unlikely to overheat.

2 min read | April 2021


Japan begins discussions on carbon pricing framework

As part of global moves toward reducing carbon emissions, attention will likely focus on the debate surrounding carbon pricing in 2021.

3 min read | March 2021


US: Domestic Priorities for the Biden Administration in 2021

Vaccine rollout, pandemic support and infrastructure investment will likely be top priorities

5 min read | January 2021

Emerging Markets

China Financials: 2021F – A Year of Recovery

Under a potentially strong recovery, life insurers and banks in China are poised to enjoy the tailwinds of rising market interest rates.

2 min read | January 2021


Biden’s Green Shift and its Impact on Asia

A pillar of US President Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency was the radical reform of US environmental policy, but what will it mean for Asia?

3 min read | January 2021


US: 2021 Economic Outlook: Searching for normal

3 min read | January 2021


2021 Global Economic Outlook - A topsy-turvy recovery

The still-raging pandemic produced a unique recession in 2020, but what does the future hold?

4 min read | December 2020


Biden gears up the US auto-industry to get back on a more sustainable track.

Given Biden's pledges to reform environmental policy what are the likely repercussions for the auto industry?

4 min read | December 2020

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