Focused Thinking



Gauging the risk of a second wave of Covid-19

2 min read | June 2020


Sector challenges driving the rise of Convertible Bond issuance

Companies and investors set to benefit from new issuance of convertible bonds as they provide flexible finance solutions to corporates and high returns to investors.

1 min read | June 2020


US: Updating our Forecast as the Covid-19 Outbreak Matures

Different ways to think about the contraction and the long road to recovery

4 min read | May 2020


World after reopening and ideas for Japanese equities

Basic strategy likely to involve shift to sectors with high intrinsic growth rate (alpha)

3 min read | April 2020


Damocles update 3: Our early warning indicator of exchange rate crises

Damocles is based on a noise-to-signals approach in which we use eight key indicators to predict currency crises in 30 emerging market (EM) countries; this approach has correctly predicted 67% of the 54 crises since 1996.

1 min read | April 2020


The Global Economic Impact of Covid-19

Our weekly update on the global economic impact Covid-19 has had on GDP, and provide their base, good and bad scenarios.

3 min read | April 2020

Central Banks

Will Covid-19 tip the Japanese economy into recession?

3 min read | March 2020


Upturn in global IT cycle and the Japanese economy

4 min read | February 2020

Central Banks

2020 US Outlook: Extending a long expansion

2020 Growth Expectations

3 min read | February 2020


Asia Pacific technology: The bull phase to continue in 2020F

1 min read | January 2020


How and why is France one of the Euro Area’s star performers?

Among its struggling European peers, how has France managed to stay ahead of the game?

3 min read | November 2019

Japan in focus

Quantum Computer Research of Nomura Asset Management

4 min read | November 2019

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