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As the world recovers from COVID-19, investors will not lose sight of Sustainability, the trend of ESG issues will become more central to investing and business decisions will accelerate; this is already occurring.


Biden gears up the US auto-industry to get back on a more sustainable track.

Given Biden's pledges to reform environmental policy what are the likely repercussions for the auto industry?

4 min read | December 2020


Social Impact Investing Looks Set to Rise in ASEAN

ASEAN countries have made significant advances in reducing poverty and improving human development but improvements in gender equality and social mobility have been slow.

4 min read | December 2020


Classification of Risks Is Key to Tackling Climate Change

Absence of clear standards makes analyzing the financial risk differential between green and brown assets challenging for financial institutions.

5 min read | December 2020


Can you put a price on pollution?

Growing recognition of the criticality of decarbonising the world’s economies has lead to Carbon Pricing, but how does it work?

3 min read | December 2020


The Covid-19 Crisis will Accelerate the Adoption of ESG Policies

Demand for sustainable finance solutions and products will accelerate beyond pre-crisis expectations.

6 min read | September 2020


Covid-19 a blessing in disguise for climate change?

We look at 6 ways that COVID-19 has helped address key issues in climate change.

4 min read | August 2020


No Anesthesia: Asia’s Giant Accepts Reform Pain in Exchange for Sustainability

After decades of double-digit growth, China’s macroeconomic slowdown to more sustainable levels continues to be a key feature of any serious analysis of the global economy. If there’s one immediate challenge in China this year, it's soaring property prices.

3 min read | June 2018

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